A broken furnace will undoubtedly cause a lot of inconvenience in the house. And this is one of the reasons you should carry out regular cleaning, maintenance, and furnace repair to avoid sudden breakdown of your furnace. However, several reasons may cause your furnace’s failure to start. Below are five reasons your heater won’t start.

5 Reasons Your Heater Won't Start

1. Lack of Fuel Supply

If your heater uses gas, propane, or oil, as soon as the supply of the fuel has stopped, the heater will turn off and will not start. A closed gas valve may cause this, or the heater has run out of fuel. So, open the valve and check the fuel supply source.

2. Lack of Power

If there is no electrical supply to your heater, it will not start. This issue may have resulted from a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Until you call a professional for furnace repair that will check the fuse and fix other electrical problems with your heater, your heater may not start.

3. Wrong Thermostat Setting

Before your heater can start and provide the heat you need, its thermostat must be set appropriately. Check the setting of your thermostat. Turn it to heat and set the temperature slightly above the room temperature. Then turn on the heater and leave it for a few minutes to know if it provides the heat you need. If that fails, do not delay in contacting a professional for top-notch furnace repair.

4. Overheated Motor

If your heater is overloaded and caused the motor to be overheated and shut down, your heater may not start until it has cooled off. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before you press the reset button to start it again. After allowing the motor to cool off, it should start without any hassles.

5. Issues with the Ignitor

Your heater won’t turn on if its ignitor is damaged or it is in a lockout mode. You only have to reset the power switch – turn it off, and on if the heater does not come up, the ignitor should be checked and repaired by a competent service technician.
It should be mentioned that regular servicing, furnace repair, and tune-up can help to prevent your heater from breaking down. During a routine servicing and maintenance, most of the problems that can stop your heater from switching on would have been discovered and fixed. This will enhance the performance of your heater and help you to avoid costly furnace repair.