A broken boiler will, unavoidably, cause a lot of inconveniences in the house. Unfortunately, you cannot leave your broken boiler in its broken state; you should hire a professional for a boiler service. Leaving your faulty boiler unattended could pose a danger to you and your family. Therefore, have your broken boiler fixed as soon as possible to make it work optimally and avoid any problems.

Knowing when to call for a boiler service is crucial to keeping your boiler in the best working condition. As a result, look out for the following signs of a broken boiler to secure the best boiler service to fix it.

5 Signs of a Broken Boiler

1. Strange Noise

Usually, boilers make some noises, which you get used to overtime. However, when you start to hear strange or usual noises from your boiler, that is a signal that your boiler is not working correctly. Strange noises such as a knocking sound, clunking, whistling, and whirring sound indicate that you need a boiler service. Also, gurgling and sloshing water-related sound demands your attention to fix your boiler.

2. Water Leaks

Small pools of water or moisture around your boiler is another sign that you should call for a boiler service. Recall that water seepage is dangerous to your building. Even if all you see are small drops of water dripping from your boiler, it calls for urgent attention. Call an engineer to examine your boiler and find the causes of the leaks and fix the issues.

3. Strange Smell

When you notice a strange, lousy smell coming from your boiler, do not delay to call an engineer for a boiler service. The eggy smell, sulphur smell, and gas leaks are hazardous. Although you may not perceive the odour of carbon monoxide, contact your engineer as soon as you notice a strange smell from your boiler. Stay safe with your family by calling for a top-notch boiler service immediately.

4. Increasing Energy Bills

If your energy increase suddenly without purchasing a new electrical appliance that can increase energy consumption in your home, take a critical look at your boiler. It is possible that your boiler is malfunctioning or performing inefficiently, which makes it to binge on electricity. Call your engineer for a boiler service to improve its efficiency and keep your energy bills normal.

5. Slow Water Heating Time

When you turn on the water in your home, you should have the water heated up almost immediately. On the contrary, if all you get is lukewarm or cold water, your boiler is already down, or it has broken down completely. Do not give up on it; have it repaired and serviced thoroughly by an experienced engineer.