Well, having a boiler that seems to run extremely slow can turn out to be extremely inconvenient for any homeowner. Besides, it can lead to additional energy bill expenses, while the safety of your property might become questionable.

If you’re not sure how to establish if your boiler isn’t working correctly, we’ve got you covered! Up next, our experts shared the top five signs that tell you your boiler might need repairing. Let’s see when you need to consider a boiler service.

5 Signs of a Broken Boiler

1. Unusual Smells

Boiler problems can make room for several unwanted outcomes, including unusual smells. This happens when your boiler experiences either a gas or an oil leak. Keep in mind that gas leaks are a serious issue you shouldn’t overlook. Thus, if you notice any unusual smells, it is always best to request a technician to do an immediate boiler service to verify your device’s status.

2. Unusual Noises

Another sign that tells you might need boiler maintenance is hearing an unusual sound. This can indicate there is a limescale build-up on the heat exchanger in your boiler. But at the same time, unusual noises can indicate several other damages. Hence, if you hear strange noises in your boiler, it is best to do boiler service as soon as possible. And if you own an older boiler, you should consider replacing it. In most cases, older units have unusual noises shortly before they malfunction.

3. Cold Radiators and Lukewarm Water

It is time to do boiler service when you notice your radiators are cold, and your running water doesn’t get as warm as it is supposed to be. In most cases, this can be a result of a sludge build-up in your unit, but there several other serious issues that might occur with your boiler. Also, there might be a plumbing problem with your system, so you shouldn’t omit this scenario either.

4. Leaks Around Your Boiler

When water is leaking around your boiler, there can be many causes that trigger it. A malfunctioning internal part, a burst pipe, or a faulty fixture can all lead to water dripping around your device. Still, if you observe water leaks around your boiler, it is more than necessary to do a boiler service. A technician will identify the problem and will help you repair your boiler.

5. Faulty Power

If you notice this with your boiler, you should remedy the situation immediately. A faulty powered boiler can lead to energy waste and security risks. You need to do a boiler service if it constantly switches itself off, as it could indicate there is the lower water pressure in your unit or a valve is faulty.

The bottom line is that you can effortlessly spot any problem with your boiler. All you have to do is frequently assess its status and look for indicators there is an issue going on. Of course, the best way to anticipate problems is to do regular boiler service. Preventing problems is more cost-effective rather than dealing with costly repairs. Besides, having a well-maintained boiler can increase the safety of your home while making the living spaces more pleasant.