Most homeowners should know that the average lifespan of a furnace is around 15 years. Still, this is linked to how often you use it and how careful you are with following the maintenance schedule. The main principle on which a furnace operates is that it expands and contracts as it heats and cools. This means that it can experience a lot of wear and tear in time, which might lead to you needing a furnace replacement.

Hence, if you are looking for indicators concerning when you need a furnace replacement, this article is for you. Our technicians shared with you the top five signs that a furnace reached its end of life. Let’s see when you need to replace your furnace with a newer model.

5 Signs Your Furnace Is Dying

1. Your Furnace Is Old

As mentioned at the start of the article, experts say you shouldn’t use a furnace for more than 15 years. Still, based on the model you have, you might benefit from the services of a furnace for up to 20 years. Keep in mind that you can prolong its lifespan with frequent maintenance and repair.

2. Your Furnace’s Flame Changed Colour

Another essential sign you shouldn’t overlook is the change in flame colour. If your burner flare is yellow instead of blue, it might indicate that there is a problem with your furnace system. This means that your device produces a lot of carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous for you and your family. It is best to turn off the machine and contact a professional to assess your furnace’s status. This is a potentially dangerous situation.

3. Your Furnace Makes a Lot of Noise

A top sign your furnace is dying is noise. Banging or popping inside the device tells you it reached its end of life. Also, if you remark that your furnace is functioning continuously and it skips its idle periods, you might need a furnace replacement. In such situations, your system might turn on or off unexpectedly, which can cause a lot of hassle and discomfort in your home.

4. Your Home Doesn’t Appear To Be Heated Enough

Many homeowners say that the first sign there is the need for a furnace replacement is represented by a lack of comfort inside the house. This means that there is not enough heat, and the interior feels rather chilly. Also, in some cases, your system might not be able to cover your hot water supply.

5. Your Home Feels Dry

An unusual, but reliable sign your furnace is dying is an overall feeling of dryness inside your house. The air might appear to be stale or dusty, and your family might experience frequent allergies. This happens because your system doesn’t heat the interior correctly, which makes room for dust and microorganisms. Besides, you might experience a dry nose or skin, too.

So, the bottom line is that you can easily spot changes in your furnace that tell you it is time for a replacement. Specialists say it is best to do regular check-ups of your system at least once every six months. In this way, a technician can assess early changes in your device and can recommend the best furnace replacement for your home.