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DeMarco Mechanical is your number one source for all HVAC needs. We offer repairs, maintenance, general check-ups as well as system replacements and installations. We work within the town of Caledon to provide customers with energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems, in accordance with the town’s series of renewable energy projects and incentives. Caledon regularly invests in various renewable energy projects, such as the installation of mounted solar energy panels and the procurement of a geothermal energy system. This allows Caledon to be a forerunner in the creation of a better, greener Canada. With the help of companies such as DeMarco, more and more cities around the country are befitting from new, high-efficiency HVAC and furnace installation. Take your part in the town’s action plan by installing energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems, to make your home or business a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place. The town of Caledon encourages its citizens to take part in the energy management plan and offers tax incentives and programs to help citizens manage their energy. Take a closer look at these programs through the city’s website. Take a look below to see what DeMarco Mechanical can offer your home and business today.

DeMarco Mechanical offers quality heating and air-conditioning services in all of Oshawa and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area. For the best services, environmentally friendly HVAC systems and Ontario’s Save on Energy Program accommodation, you can make your home more efficient and environmentally friendly while saving money. DeMarco specializes in quality systems, excellent customer service, and competitive rates. For excellent service in the Oshawa region and further, don’t hesitate to contact DeMarco Mechanical.

The town of Newmarket is a leader in environmental sustainability within the GTA. DeMarco Mechanical aims to bring our skills to your town and offers environmentally friendly, efficient HVAC services throughout the area. Our company is here to help you maintain your heating, air conditioning or ventilation’s sustainability and efficiency and to repair or replace any and all of your appliances. We offer all HVAC services including installation, selection, and repairs on all major brands of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and air quality systems. Whatever your need, we’re here to help, and we can help homes and business live up to the Newmarket standard of sustainability by matching your needs to the best, efficient systems. Here’s what our company can offer you:

For Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation services you can trust, call DeMarco Mechanical. We install and deliver top quality products and offer the best services in the Markham area. Our professional teams offer the services necessary to deliver quality heating and cooling services and upgrades which save you money by limiting energy consumption. Here’s what DeMarco can offer you:

DeMarco Mechanical is proud to serve the Town of Aurora, a world leader in environmental progress. Aurora residents should be aware of the town’s Corporate Environmental Action Plan, or the CEAP. This plan brings together a number of policies meant to promote environmental sustainability and encourage home and business owners to take the necessary steps in going green. DeMarco Mechanical can help Aurora residents and business owners take advantage of the various programs and incentives in place to help residents make their homes more energy efficient by installing top-of-the-line, energy efficient HVAC systems or Energy Recovery Ventilation. Learn more about how you can be a part of the action in your town here. DeMarco Mechanical offers heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, air purification and air quality systems repairs, installations, and maintenance throughout Aurora as well as the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Learn more about what we can do for your home or business below:

The city of Vaughan strives to continuously achieve better annual energy efficiency and energy management effectiveness. The city’s Conservation Demand Management Plan outlines resources aimed at improving the energy efficiency of both commercial and residential buildings. DeMarco Mechanical offers help with both corporate and residential energy efficiency throughout the GTA. Our company continuously helps home and business owners implement the best heating and air conditioning systems which reduce energy consumption and maintenance. We install and deliver the best quality products and offer the best services in the Vaughan area and further. Our professional teams offer the services necessary to deliver quality heating and cooling services in Vaughan. We also offer upgrades which save you money by limiting energy consumption.

DeMarco Mechanical offers high-quality HVAC services throughout Richmond Hill and in the surrounding GTA. Our high quality, top of the line heating and air conditioning systems, as well as ventilation and air-purification systems, are guaranteed to reduce your energy costs and you’re your home or business become as environmentally sound as possible. The city of Richmond Hill encourages energy efficiency through a variety of programs which you can take advantage of today. The city also recommends taking certain measures with your heating and cooling systems to prevent energy waste. This includes installation of a programmable thermostat to avoid unnecessary heating or cooling, draft-proofing, ceiling fans and other nonelectric forms of ventilation, energy efficient appliance installation and more. DeMarco mechanical can help you to be energy efficient in a variety of ways, offering heating and cooling services in Richmond Hill. Learn more about what DeMarco Mechanical can do for you in your city:

The Durham Region is committed, alongside DeMarco Mechanical to energy efficiency. DeMarco Mechanical offers high-quality HVAC services throughout Durham and in the surrounding areas, throughout the GTA. Our top of the line heating and air conditioning products, alongside our excellent repair services, allow us to help customers reduce their energy costs through the installation of new, advanced, energy efficient HVAC systems. The Durham regions emphasize the necessity of installing energy-saving measures such as energy efficient systems, programmable thermostats, non-electric forms of ventilation and ceiling fans.  The Durham Energy Advisory Committee, a regional initiative to guide energy management across the area of both commercial and residential buildings, emphasizes the importance of heating and air conditioning in maintaining an energy efficient Canada. With costs of electricity rising, DeMarco works with people in the Durham region to help them find the perfect heating and air conditioning systems for efficient home and business functioning. Here are some of the ways we can help you today.