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The Durham Region is committed, alongside DeMarco Mechanical to energy efficiency. DeMarco Mechanical offers high-quality HVAC services throughout Durham and in the surrounding areas, throughout the GTA. Our top of the line heating and air conditioning products, alongside our excellent repair services, allow us to help customers reduce their energy costs through the installation of new, advanced, energy efficient HVAC systems. The Durham regions emphasize the necessity of installing energy-saving measures such as energy efficient systems, programmable thermostats, non-electric forms of ventilation and ceiling fans.  The Durham Energy Advisory Committee, a regional initiative to guide energy management across the area of both commercial and residential buildings, emphasizes the importance of heating and air conditioning in maintaining an energy efficient Canada. With costs of electricity rising, DeMarco works with people in the Durham region to help them find the perfect heating and air conditioning systems for efficient home and business functioning. Here are some of the ways we can help you today.