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Furnace Replacement Toronto

Furnace Replacement: An Important Choice

Furnace replacement on your old, under-performing furnace might be one of the best decisions you will make all year. While the average furnace can last you up to 15 years, it is never recommended to keep it on past its prime, as it will become less effective at heating your home over time.

The longer you stick with it, the more you spend in the long run on energy bills and maintenance costs. Moreover, the unsteady flow of heat limits your home’s comfort in the winter months. Sometimes the best solution is to simply consider a Toronto furnace replacement, and choose one of the new, more energy-efficient brands on the market. Click here to read our top-tier HomeStars reviews!

Furnace Warning Signs

If you are unsure about when to book your Toronto furnace replacement, you can simply call us in for an inspection. We recommend regular inspections once the furnace is over 15 years old, as that is generally the limit of the lifespan of the appliance. In many instances, it is cheaper and easier to simply replace a faulty or broken furnace instead of attempting to fix it, which is why we always recommend that you contact us for an inspection before making any decisions.

Signs that you may need a new furnace include:

  • Strange Noises
  • Higher Monthly Bills
  • Poor Heating
  • A Yellow Burner Flame (indicates carbon monoxide)
furnace replacement Toronto


Furnace Replacement Toronto

Certified Technicians With A Wide Range of Brands

Our team will provide you with the quickest and most effective furnace installation in the region. If you choose us to replace your furnace, you can sit back and relax because all of our work is covered by a 30-day warranty. Our teams will respond quickly to your call, answer any questions about the replacement and installation process, and give you the utmost in customer service throughout.

We offer more than just furnace installations. Our company is a certified HVAC contractor, offering quality gas furnace services, AC repairs and installations, and general heating and cooling services. We take the time to respect your home, time, and space, which is why we guarantee quick and timely service, a full cleanup, and professional consultations to determine the best product for your home.

All of our brands offer lower energy bills, and safer and long lasting heat, reducing the chance of breakdowns. We stock and install:

  • Goodman
  • Keep Right
  • Lennox
  • Amana
  • And More!

Reliable Toronto Furnace Replacement & Installation Services

DeMarco Mechanical Services Inc. is one of the top-rated Toronto furnace replacement companies, and we service both residential and commercial properties. We struggle through the same Canadian winters that you do, and we know the best to beat them while saving on your monthly bills. Our teams of technicians will quickly replace your old furnace and help you choose a new model that is the absolute best fit for your home. With hundreds of varieties available, we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction from your free quote until the final installation.
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Contact DeMarco Mechanical Today!

At DeMarco Mechanical Services Inc. we believe in customer service and satisfaction, which is why we offer the highest standard of service with every visit. With the help of our highly skilled technicians, your repairs and replacements will be done in no time at all. There is no job that is too big or too small for our company, and we always take the time to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Each repair is done with the highest quality parts which match your equipment, and we offer a 30-day warranty on every repair or part used. Our service area extends throughout the GTA from Etobicoke to Vaughan, King City, and Scarborough. Our highly trained professionals will ensure that the job is done correctly the first time. Our company also believes in creating a good relationship with our customers, which is why we offer multi equipment discounts, service contracts and highly competitive rates throughout the entire GTA.

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Furnace Replacement FAQ’s

Why does my furnace keep turning on and off?

If your furnace keeps turning on and off (also called “short cycling”) you should check your air filter first. A dirty filter prevents proper airflow and should be replaced (or cleaned) every 30 days. Alternatively, if the furnace thermostat is broken or placed next to a heat source it can confuse your machine. In the worst case, if your furnace is too large for your home you may need to replace it because it heats your home too quickly.

Why is my furnace not turning on?

Your furnace may not be turning on for many reasons, including a lack of power or gas supply, a broken or improperly-set thermostat, condensation blockages, a dirty air filter, or any manner of other mechanical problems. It is best to contact a professional technician to identify and fix the problem.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace?

There are many things to take into consideration when pricing out new equipment installation.  An example size of the home, desired efficiency rating, venting and gas requirements, also the desired accessories for the equipment.  Average pricing starts at $2500.00 and can reach $6000.00.  For an accurate estimate always ask for an in-home consultation. Thinking of just getting furnace repair services? We do that too!

Why does my furnace smell musty?

Furnaces often smell musty due to a large buildup of dust within the ducts or insulation, but it can also be caused by mould growth. This happens because furnaces sit idle and unused for much of the year, and the best solution is often a thorough cleaning or even a replacement.

Why does my furnace blow cold air?

Your furnace may be blowing air simply because your thermostat is set to ON instead of AUTO and is blowing air when the furnace is off. If your filter is dirty or your vent pipes are blocked the furnace may have overheated and shut off the heating early. For older systems, you should also check that the pilot light has not turned off.