Furnace repair and cleaning are one of the ways to prepare for the winter, although it might be the last thing on your mind as the sizzling summer lingers on. However, you need to put your furnace in the best mechanical and functional condition to adequately cater to the winter and ensure that everyone in your home feels as comfortable as possible.

As the winter knocks on the door, here are ways to carry out proper cleaning, furnace repair, and tune-up to prevent a crisis.

How do I Clean My Furnace and Tune Up?

1. Combustion Chamber

One of the most critical parts to check during a furnace repair is the combustion unit of your appliance. Switch off the electrical power and turn off the supply to the machine before carrying out cleaning or furnace repair. Open the door of the combustion unit, vacuum the chamber to clear dust and debris that maybe there. Besides, look for holes that may have resulted from corrosion. If there are any holes, use foil tape to cover the holes.

2. Furnace Filters

Other vital parts to check and fix are the furnace filters. Dirty filters will undoubtedly cause problems and make the furnace run inefficiently. Furnace repair must focus on the furnace filters as they are meant to trap dust and dirt and prevent them from entering the furnace and damage the unit. Remove dirty filters and replace them with new ones.

3. Check the Thermostat

Before you can admit that your furnace is in a top condition, you should check its thermostat and confirm that it is okay. Set the thermostat to heat at a higher temperature than room temperature. If the furnace heats up and makes you sweat, that means your furnace is okay. However, if your furnace runs but does not produce heat, call an expert immediately for a comprehensive furnace repair.

4. Check Home’s Air Filters

You cannot afford to overlook air filters when talking about the efficiency of your furnace. You must examine the air filters in your home during a furnace repair. Dirty air filters will affect the performance of your furnace. It will cause inefficiency, restricted airflow, and high energy bills. So, remove and replace all air filters of your furnace to tune it up for the forthcoming winter.

Carry out necessary furnace repair and tune-up to boost the efficiency of your furnace and reduce energy bills. Clean and dust the furnace. Oil essential parts and ensure that the air vents are not shut to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your furnace.