Boilers are essential appliances that help to keep water and the home warm. They are out-of-sight machines, but their impact is felt. However, a broken boiler can cause lots of inconveniences as well as dangers in the home, that is why boiler service is crucial. Although several improvements have been made to their design to make them safer, they can break down anytime.

Modern boilers have components that allow users to monitor their performance and condition, such as relief valves, sensors, temperature gauges, and statistics. Unfortunately, boilers can break down without giving any notice. To know if your boiler is broken, follow the steps below.

How Do I Know if My Boiler is Broken?

1. Check the Boiler Pressure

One of the safety components on the boiler is the pressure gauge. The gauge or dial usually has 1-4 bars. The pressure of modern boilers should range from 1.0 to 1.5 bar. If the pressure is lower than 1 bar, the chances are that the boiler will not work because of its pre-installed safety devices.

2. Inspect the Power Supply

If your boiler fails to turn on, check if the boiler is plugged into the electrical socket. In case the boiler is plugged in, but there is no sign of power to electricity in the supply, contact your electricity supplier. Take note; a power failure will cause your boiler to reset; therefore, you need to reprogram your previous settings.

3. Check the Gas Supply

After a boiler service, your boiler is expected to run more efficiently. However, if you suspect that your boiler is broken after checking its pressure gauge and electricity supply, the next thing to check is the gas supply. Turn on other gas appliances to ascertain if there is a gas supply to your home. If there is a gas supply and your boiler will not work, you should contact a boiler service company for repairs.

4. Check the Water Supply

If your boiler’s pilot light goes out, several reasons may be responsible. You should check the water supply to your boiler if the above tips do not resolve the issue with it. Meanwhile, you can attempt to ignite the pilot light by following the guideline in its manual. Do not hesitate to invite a professional engineer to assess the boiler if your boiler does not come up.

5. Check the Thermostat and Programmer

The boiler’s thermostat needs to be set above the room temperature while the programmer should be turned on. Meanwhile, if the device fails to work, the timer should be checked and corrected. Also, examine the programmer and let the boiler work for some time.

Meanwhile, a functioning boiler is crucial to the overall comfort of the house. Checking the above five items will let you know if your boiler is broken. Do not hesitate to call for boiler service if your boiler fails to work correctly.