Are you in need of a new air conditioning unit? Have you weighed out the options between central air conditioners and ductless air conditioners? Read further for insightful information that will help you make an informed decision, as we explore the differences between central Air conditioners and ductless air conditioners.

Is Ductless AC Better?

The use of ductless air conditioners has been on the rise over the past several years, this has led to many people looking into the possibility of installing ductless air conditioners in their homes. However, a ductless A/C isn’t a viable option for everyone, this is why we outlined 6 key items to consider when looking at a new air conditioning unit.

1. Cost

In most cases, a ductless air conditioner is more economical to install versus a central air conditioner. The costs of installing a ductless air conditioner runs anywhere from 30% to 65% lower than the installation of a central air conditioner, this is assuming that there is existing duct work and it is in good shape. If there is no pre-existing duct work, the cost of installing a central AC increases significantly.

2. Installation Time

If you are building a home or completely renovating your home, it takes about a week for a contractor to install a complete central air conditioner system, including the ductwork, the compressor unit, and all the lines and electrical that are part of the system. If you are just replacing an old condenser unit, in most cases an HVAC professional can remove the old unit, and install a new unit in a day. When it comes to installing a ductless air conditioner system, the process takes a day or two depending on the number of units and can be installed throughout the home with minimal disruptions to your daily routine.

3. Energy Efficiency

Central air conditioners are more vulnerable to energy loss through the duct system in a home, which for obvious reasons is not the same with a ductless air conditioner. It is estimated that about 30% of energy loss with a central AC system is traced to back air ducts. Cool air can escape through bad connections and even small holes in the ducts, which send cool air into your walls and ceiling. Due to the higher efficiency rate ductless air conditioners can help you save some money on your energy bills.

4. Coverage Area

Ductless air conditioners cool high traffic rooms faster and use less energy than a central air conditioner. However, a central AC system can cool down your entire home more efficiently with less variation in temperature from room to room. If you are looking to cool your entire home using a ductless system will require multiple systems or a mini-split depending on the size of the space.

5. Air Quality

Ductless air conditioners improve indoor air quality through a built-in air filter in the air conditioner. Central air conditioning systems also have a filter to help capture dust particles and bacteria, however, dust, dirt, bacteria, and even mold can accumulate in your home’s ductwork which could be pushed into your home’s living spaces.

6. Maintenance

Both a central and ductless air conditioning system will require some maintenance, this includes replacing or cleaning filters, cleaning the outdoor condenser unit, and ensuring the outdoor unit is not cut off from a fresh air supply. Additionally, with a central AC system, you will also need to have your ducts cleaned every couple of years.

When it comes to choosing which type of air conditioning system to install in your home, the decision will come down to your specific needs and the size of your home. If there is not an existing duct system or if you have a smaller space that requires air conditioning a ductless system may be right for you.

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