Gas is indispensable in almost every home, and it is highly flammable. Several homes depend on gas to power home appliances such as dryers, stoves, and furnaces. Meanwhile, its high level of combustibility makes it extremely dangerous when it leaks in the home.

You must know how to discover a gas leak in your home to call for gas line repairs immediately and forestall the chances of an inferno or fire accident in your home. If you have many appliances running on gas in your home, there are chances of a gas leak in your home.

What Are The Signs of A Gas Leak in Your Home?

Here are the 5 signs of a gas leak in your home:

1. Rotten Eggs Smell

The first sign of a gas leak in any home is the smell like that of rotten eggs or sulphur. Although natural gas is odorless, companies add a harmless odorant called mercaptan to make the gas smell when it leaks. This is done to prevent an accident.

2. Yellow or Orange Flames

When running your gas appliances, you should watch out for the colour of the flames, which must be blue. However, when the flames coming from your appliances are yellow or orange, there is a gas leak in your home, and you should turn off the appliance and call for immediate gas line repair to prevent a fire accident in your home.

3. Dead Houseplants

If you have potted plants in your house or kitchen and notice that houseplants suddenly turn brown and dying, the chances are that there is a gas leak in your home. The lack of oxygen unavoidably caused the houseplants to die off. Before the situation worsens and you and your family start to experience the effects on your health, call an expert for a quick gas line repair.

4. Increase in Gas Bill

You need to pay attention to your gas bill. If there is a sudden increase in your gas bill without significant changes in your gas usage, you have to call an expert to examine your gas line for leakage and gas line repairs where necessary. Ensure that your gas bill is proportionate to your gas usage. Any significant disparity should trigger your suspicion.

5. Heath Imbalance

Another sign of a gas leak in your home includes changes in your health caused mainly by the lack of oxygen. Some symptoms to look out for include fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing, etc. Call for gas line repairs after noticing some of the symptoms mentioned.

The health and safety of everyone in your home are essential. After noticing some of the signs of a gas leak in your home, call an expert for gas line repairs in your home.