If you are looking to replace your air conditioning unit or have one installed for the first time, you may be considering ductless air conditioners or a central air conditioning system. The type of system which is right for you and your home depends on your individual circumstances.

Which is Better, Ductless or Central Air Conditioning?

When you break it down, both systems will help cool down your home during the warmer months, both systems consist of two main units (on the outside of your home is a condenser and on the inside is an evaporator), the installation process for each system is however, very different.

Here are 5 factors to consider when deciding which system is better for you:

1. Air Conditioner Installation

The installation of a ductless air conditioner is fairly simple and does not involve much adaptation to your home for the install. In fact, one three-inch hole in your wall, which allows for the hoses that connect the condenser unit with the evaporator is all that is needed in terms of home modifications.

The complexity of the installation of a central air conditioner really depends on if you have functional ductwork already in your home. If you are replacing an older central air conditioner unit, the necessary ducts are already in place. In this case, the installation is straight forward, as a new condenser unit installed outside of your home will connect to the existing ductwork. If your home does not have existing ducts, or if you built an addition to your home that is not connected to the existing ductwork, the process becomes far more cumbersome and time consuming. Installing ducts in your home requires walls and ceilings to be cut open to run the ductwork. If ductwork needs to be installed, choosing to go with central AC will cost you significantly more money and take a lot more time than installing a ductless system.

2. The Size of Your Home

Ductless air conditioning units were originally designed to cool down a single room, as these units have developed you are now able to purchase a ductless air conditioner that can cool down several rooms in your home. However, a ductless system will struggle to cool down your entire house, especially if it is over 1800 square feet. Central air conditioners utilize your home’s ductwork to help cool down your entire home more efficiently.

3. Temperature Control for Different Areas

If you are looking to cool down individual rooms in your home, or if your home has varying temperatures, a ductless system will be easier to control ‘zones’ in your home. A central air conditioning system will need to have dampers added to the ductwork to control the cool airflow throughout your house.

4. Aesthetics

If you are particular about the aesthetics of each room in your home, then you may not be a fan of ductless air conditioning systems. A ductless system requires a wall-mounted evaporator unit to help circulate and direct the cool air. Even though these units have been streamlined over the past several years, they are still visible. A central system on the other hand is concealed as it utilizes your existing ductwork to move the cool air around your home.

5. Noise Levels

In general, ductless air conditioning systems are quieter than central air conditioning systems. This is because the condensing unit on a ductless system is much smaller than a central air condensing unit. You may also experience some echoing from your central air conditioning system as noise vibrates through your ducts, this would not be an issue with a ductless system for obvious reasons. Noise levels vary depending on the size and brand of the air conditioning unit you purchase. Some ductless units may be louder than a central system and vice versa.

There are more factors to take into consideration when it comes to deciding which air conditioning system is best for your needs, such as price and installation contractor. But, these five should help you narrow down your decision. If you are looking to install a new air conditioning unit, or need assistance with a repair or maintenance of your existing system, give Demarco Mechanical Services a call today, 416-820-9155.