Is your air conditioner running but you don’t seem to feel any cold air? Are you wondering why your AC is not working properly? With summer already here, it’s important to have a functional air conditioner in order to be comfortable inside your home. However, if you are experiencing problems with your cooling system, it may be time for an air conditioner repair. Below are some reasons why your AC may not be working properly.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

1. Dirty and Clogged Air Filter

Dirty and clogged air filters are the main cause of air conditioners malfunctioning. Air filters are supposed to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are not clogged with dirt, debris, or dust, and to allow easy passage of cool air into your home. Unfortunately, when they are dirty, they affect your cooling system from functioning properly or efficiently. To avoid this issue, be sure to routinely change or clean your air filters, or hire professional help.

2. Wrong Thermostat Setting

If your thermostat is set incorrectly, there is a good chance that your air conditioner will be on but will not actually cool your home. If you are experiencing this problem, try setting your AC’s thermostat to ‘AUTO MODE’. This allows your AC to turn on when cooling is actually needed and should resolve the problem.

3. Dirty Outdoor Unit

When the outdoor unit is dirty and clogged from debris, it can cause the air conditioner to blow hot air into your home. This is because when part of the outdoor unit, called the condenser, is clogged, it will fail to condense the hot air into cool air. If you suspect that the condenser is the problem, contact an AC repair specialist to inspect the outdoor unit.

4. Damaged Mechanisms

If certain mechanisms, such as motors and compressors are damaged, your air conditioner will not cool. Contact an air conditioner repair specialist for the repair or replacement of the damaged parts. With the help of professionals, your AC will be fully restored without any hassle.

5. Low Refrigerant Level

A refrigerant is a chemical found in your air conditioner that produces a cooling effect on the surrounding air, making cold air available for use. If your AC is not producing any cold air, the refrigerant may be leaking or limited, making it difficult for your AC to function properly.


With proper care and maintenance you can keep your air conditioner in good condition to ensure it cools your home instead of just running. However, if you are experiencing any cooling issues with your AC, do not hesitate to contact an air conditioner repair specialist today!