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Hydronic Heating System Toronto

DeMarco Mechanical Inc. is a Toronto-based HVAC and gas contracting company. We provide heating, cooling, air quality, and gas services. We also specialize in installment, replacement, maintenance, and repair of home systems all across the GTA. Among the work we do, we offer residential hydronic heating system services, both in-floor, and radiator-based.

What Are Hydronic Heating Systems?

A hydronic heating system, as the name suggests, uses water as the medium that transfers heat from one place to another. This is done in these three steps:

  • The water is heated using either gas or electricity in what is called a boiler.
  • The hot water is then circulated in hydronic pipes throughout the house using a pump.
  • Lastly, the pump works to return the water back to the boiler after heat has recently been distributed.

Hydronic Heating System Advantages

  • Unlike air heating systems, hydronic heating does not interfere with the quality of the air inside the house. As a result, hydronic heating does not dry out air and will ultimately make controlling your home’s humidity a much simpler task.
  • Hydronic radiators are more energy efficient than their air counterpart due to the fact that water is a better conductor of heat than air. For example, if it takes one hour for an air heating system to warm up your house, a hydronic heating system will take a lot less time to do so.
  • When you switch from air heating to hydronic, you can expect a 20-40% decrease in your hydro bill.
  • Modern hydronic heating systems have a lot of versatility in terms of their installment and design. Unlike air vents that take up space, hydronic heating accommodates the client’s preference in a way that is both space-conscious and aesthetically pleasing.

FAQ’s about Hydronic Heating


Hydronic Heating System Toronto

How much does installing a hydronic heating system cost?

Generally speaking, the overall cost of a hydronic heating system ranges from $2,539 to $3,060 per unit not including labour.

What are some of the hydronic heating brands you support?

There are many different hydronic heating system brands that we recommend including Navien, IBC Boilers, and NTI Boilers.

How will installing a hydronic heating system affect my taxes?

Due to the fact that hydronic radiators and in-floor heat systems are considered eco-friendly, the government tends to establish special programs that encourage heating systems that use water instead of gas. So choosing a hydronic heating system will guarantee you a reduction of upfront installation costs as well as billing taxes.

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