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Water Heater

Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heater Service

You and your water heater might have a love-hate relationship when it comes to water heating and capacity. Many homeowners keep their water heaters completely out of mind. Sometimes, this is a mistake, because you can find yourself with no hot water too quickly for comfort. If you don’t fix a water heater quickly, the moment problems start popping up, you could end up with a floor or basement full of water sooner than you know. For this reason, DeMarco Mechanical offers quick, reliable water heater repair and services.

Our furnace replacement service areas include Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Pickering, Stouffville, Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa & more.

For these reasons, we like to give water heaters priority when managing the safety and comfort of your home, and this is also why DeMarco Mechanical offers full Water Heater maintenance, repairs, and installations. In addition, we offer Tankless Water Heater installation, which is a better and easier way of heating your water.



Conventional Water Heaters in Toronto

We offer a variety of conventional electric or gas powered water heaters in many capacities. Offering full installation of your replacement, we will also work to match your home or building’s water requirements with the perfect water heater.

When your water heater begins to lose efficiency, you will notice certain symptoms that will clue you to the fact that it’s failing. These characteristics can cause discomfort, poor heat and high utility bills. If you notice symptoms such as reduced water flow, leakage, lukewarm water, running out of hot water too quickly, hottest setting getting cooler over time or rust or cloudy water, it might be symptomatic of a failing water heater. Any and all of these symptoms can indicate something is wrong, so it’s best to call in a professional for a check-up as soon as you notice something wrong.


DeMarco Mechanical can help you quickly and effectively diagnose and repair problems with your water heater and offers full installation of replacements. Save yourself the stress and discomfort of a failing water heater and call us as soon as you notice it acting up. We guarantee quick service inspections and replacements. We will effectively match you with a water heater perfect for your needs should you require a replacement, and will do the all the installation work ASAP. We are experts in finding the correct water heater to effectively heat water for your household, and save you money!

Tankless Water Heaters in Toronto

A conventional water heater takes up valuable space in your utility room or basement, and that 40 to 80-gallon capacity might not be enough for your family. If you find yourself running out of hot water at the end of the night, you might want to consider an upgrade to a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater delivers an endless supply of hot water to your shower or tub, as water runs through it being heated directly. This efficient way of heating means that the water is only being heated when you have a hot water tap turned on, thereby reducing the overall power used by the heater. The benefits of these tankless heaters are that they are far more energy efficient, provide unlimited hot water and take up far less space than normal water heaters. Generally, a tankless water heater will provide you with a 30-35% increase in energy efficiency, saving you about 300$ yearly. With those savings, it’s not surprising that the slightly higher price tag of one of these heaters is worth the investment.

DeMarco Mechanical stocks a variety of tankless water heaters from brands such as:

  • Bradford White
  • Rheem
  • IBC
  • Rinnai
  • Viessmann
  • Navien
  • Weil McLain
  • NY Thermal
IBC Tank-less Water Heater

With the added energy efficiency of a tank-less water heater, we always recommend purchasing one of these new, technologically advanced, energy efficient water heater models for your home the next time you need a replacement. We offer Bradford White water heater service and repairs and excellent services for other major brands of water heaters and boilers.


Professional Services and skilled Technicians across Toronto & GTA

Our company provides repairs, general maintenance, inspections, replacement of parts and full replacements of water heaters, including tank-less heaters. With our help, you will find the best water heater to match the requirements of your home and family’s water consumption. DeMarco Mechanical is a company invested in customer service and satisfaction. We offer you the highest standard of any service with every visit and will take the time to approach every problem with the same care and attention we would show in our own homes.

With the help of our highly skilled Technicians, your repairs and replacements will be done in no time at all. There is no job too big or too small for our company, and we will always take the time to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our job.

We offer Residential and Commercial water heating services. Each repair is done with the highest quality parts which match your equipment and offer a 30-day warranty with every repair or part used. Our highly trained professionals will ensure that the job is done correctly the first time.

Our company also believes in creating a good relationship with our customers, which is why we offer multi equipment discounts, service contracts and highly competitive rates throughout the entire GTA. We are 10/10 rated on HomeStars by our customers.

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