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Radiant Floor Heating Toronto

DeMarco Mechanical Inc. is a leading home service company dedicated to providing an excellent experience to clients in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, and the surrounding regions. Among many HVAC services we offer, we specialize in installation of radiant floor heating systems.

How Is Radiant In-floor Heating Installed?

In hydronic floor heating, pipes are installed either into or underneath the floor. These pipes, known as PEX tubes, are connected to a boiler where the water gets heated. With the help of a pump, the pipes then transfer the hot water to different parts of the house from the boiler. The heat that is now underneath the flooring is conducted to the surface of the floor and ultimately to the rest of the room.

Why Do We Recommend Floor Heating?

Radiant Floor Heating TorontoHydronic radiant floor heating comes with a number of advantages that make it a worthwhile investment:

  1. In-floor heating is invisible which makes it a great option if you wish to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  2. With radiant in-floor heating, you can control the temperature in every room in the house, which means you can choose to not turn it on in unused spaces and, in turn, reduce your hydro bill.
  3. Unlike air heating where the heat is concentrated around the vents, in-floor heating provides an even source of heat because it warms up the entire floor.
  4. Radiant floor heating is easy to maintain because it does not use air ducts that require cleaning on a regular basis. In-floor heating is also more durable and efficient. You are less likely to need in-floor heating repairs than you are with air heating systems.
  5. Hydronic floor heating saves space in your house that would otherwise be reserved for an air vent or a radiator.

Radiant Floor Heating FAQ’s

What is the best flooring to put over hydronic radiant in-floor heating?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are great options for in-floor heating because they are great conductors of heat. Hydronic radiant heating tubes are installed under laminate, engineered, and natural stone flooring, as well.

How much does radiant floor heating installation cost?

The cost of installing an in-floor heating system varies but usually ranges from $6 to $16 per sq. ft. This number includes replacing the existing floor with a new one, in addition to installing hydronic pipes underneath your floor. Nevertheless, although in-floor radiant heating can be expensive to install, it is certainly more cost effective than alternative heating systems in the long run.

Is hydronic floor heating safe?

In-floor heating systems come with insulation features that actually make them safer than other options for heating your home. They are safe for kids, elderly, and pets.

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