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As we enter into the winter season, having a reliable furnace allows you to be a little more comfortable in your home. If your furnace begins to make some unusual noises or is not functioning as normal, this is a major cause for concern. If this unfortunate situation does occur to you, it is important to try and resolve the issue quickly.

We should begin by stating that any major repairs on your furnace should always be performed by an experienced furnace technician. However, there are some furnace repair tips that homeowners can benefit from knowing and that can help prevent extended damage. For example, you should always schedule your annual furnace service with a professional before the cold weather begins. This will allow a professional to assess your system and uncover any potential issues with your system. Getting ahead of any potential system halting damage will ensure your furnace is in running order all winter long.

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most vital systems inside your house. As a result, whenever it breaks down, you are bound to experience some inconvenience and discomfort. In order to understand why your AC is not working properly, it’s important to understand some of the potential problems with your AC.

Is your air conditioner running but you don’t seem to feel any cold air? Are you wondering why your AC is not working properly? With summer already here, it’s important to have a functional air conditioner in order to be comfortable inside your home. However, if you are experiencing problems with your cooling system, it may be time for an air conditioner repair. Below are some reasons why your AC may not be working properly.

During the summer your HVAC system works overtime from trying to beat the heat and high humidity. This is why it is important to keep up with your HVAC maintenance to ensure your air conditioning is working on those hot summer days.

To ensure your HVAC system works properly, you must prepare it for the summer. Below are things you can do to prepare your HVAC system for the summer season.

Your HVAC system is at the center of keeping you and your family comfortable in your home. Your heating and cooling system is designed to last for decades and for many homeowners they probably won’t have to face a system failure, but ask anyone that has had their air conditioning go down in the middle of a Toronto heat wave or who had their heat stop working in the dead of winter. They will most certainly refer to this time as more than just uncomfortable. Even though your HVAC system is built to last, it doesn’t mean that it is maintenance free. Some manufacturers even require you to keep a record of HVAC maintenance to honour their warranty.

As a home owner, you know that there is never a shortage of items in your home that need to be or you want to replace or upgrade. Some of these items are more for aesthetics where other are for convenience or comfort. Your HVAC system falls into the comfort category as it is responsible for maintaining the ideal internal temperature in your home. Over the years your HVAC system suffers from wear and tear, and even if you follow a strict maintenance regime, there will eventually come a time where you will need to replace a major component such as the furnace or air conditioner. But, how do you know when it’s time to replace your furnace?

While the cold weather of the winter season has proven to help people get a better night’s sleep, improve brain function, and build a stronger immune system, it is also the season that is more likely to cause issues for your HVAC system. The cold winter wind forces your HVAC system to work harder, so be prepared as the additional wear and tear can affect it’s productivity.

5 Common HVAC Problems During Winter

Below we will highlight some of the more common HVAC issues that can arise during the winter.

Murphy’s law is an old adage that states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and when it comes to your furnace, you should probably add “on the coldest day of the year”. So, you should not be surprised if your furnace stops working when you really need it. If this uncomfortable and undesirable situation happens to you, there are a few key things to check that may help you get it back up and running.

5 Things to Check if Your Furnace Stops Working

In Ontario, a well-functioning furnace is extremely important in ensuring your home is comfortable during the colder winter months. However, even in the best conditions, your furnace can begin to deteriorate and break down. Just as Murphy’s Law predicts, your furnace has a high likelihood of giving out on one of the coldest days of the year. This is why it is important to complete an annual inspection, before the start of winter season. This way if there are any small issues, they can be corrected before they become major issues. There comes a time where repairing your furnace is just not feasible and you will need to look into furnace replacement options. But, how do you know when your furnace needs to be replaced? We asked our technicians to share some of their expert tips to help you identify when you need to replace your furnace.

How Do You Know If You Need A New Furnace?

If you ask any home owner about having to deal with a broken heating system in the middle of winter, most will tell you that is a worst-case scenario that they would be happy never having to ever deal with. Do doubt, having your HVAC system breakdown in the dead of winter is a negative experience, but one that hundreds of home owners deal with every year. To ensure you are not one of them this year, we suggest conducting a routine HVAC maintenance program prior to the arrival of the colder winter months.

How To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Winter

With summer coming to an end and fall moving into full swing, the temperature will also begin to drop as the warm weather makes way for a cooler autumn season. This transition not only means that we will be changing the setting or even turning off our air conditioning systems, but it should also stand as a reminder to complete your seasonal HVAC maintenance. This maintenance regimen is key to keeping your system working properly and extending your .system’s overall life span.

5 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

If you haven’t completed this seasonal maintenance before, you may be wondering “how do you maintain an HVAC system?” This is precisely what we are looking to answer by providing our list of 5 fall HVAC maintenance tips below:

The best way to keep your home’s boiler system in top working condition is to regularly complete a boiler service. As summer comes to an end and the weather begins to cool down, you will eventually need to rely on your heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This is a good time to give your boiler system a once over to avoid any surprises when you really need your system working properly.

How to Effectively Maintain a Boiler System?

Below we will introduce you to a few steps you can take to help maintain your boiler system and help prolong your system’s life span and avoid expensive and inconvenient system failures.