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Water heater replacement is not something most people think about until they try to take a shower and discover that there is no hot water. Since water heaters require little maintenance, many homeowners overlook signs of water heater damage and do not know when to replace theirs.
The key to minimising costs associated with your water heater is to troubleshoot problems as early as possible.

The summer months are a great time of the year when families can enjoy the weather and share some valuable time together. But the inability to maintain a cool home during the hot summer months can put a damper on your summer fun and indicate that replacing your AC unit is the next course of action.
Many people do not know exactly what maintenance measures to take in order to get the most out of your AC unit. Homeowners also fail to notice signs that their AC unit needs replacement.

Air conditioning ducts are the passages used to transfer treated air, hot or cold, throughout an AC system. When it comes to ducting options, many people aren’t fully aware that there are plenty of duct options on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market. So, when considering AC ducting installation, a few factors play a big role in determining the most suitable type of ductwork, namely budget, space, and purpose. And although there are differences between the ductwork choices out there, there is often an overlap that demands the use of two or more types of ducting in a single AC system.

If you’re looking to troubleshoot your furnace and find the reason why your furnace won’t turn on, you’ve come to the right place. Although we cannot fully guarantee that the information below will fix your problem, and we do encourage you to call a technician, we do however know that a qualified heating technician will follow these steps when you contact them for troubleshooting.

Nevertheless, we all have that one room that seems to always be hotter than the rest of the house no matter how long you keep your central AC on. So, if you have a room that feels like it is located on the equator and not your second floor, it might be time to consider alternative air conditioning options.

Are you considering the possibility of a gas line installation in your home or office? DeMarco Mechanical Service Inc. has the top quality tools and service that you require. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals strive for complete customer satisfaction and have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for the last fifteen years. We are the best in the business; providing fast and efficient repairs, replacements, and installations to suit whatever your needs may be.

Are you prepared for this year’s sweltering heat? DeMarco Mechanical Services Inc. can help you through your summer struggles. When it comes to air conditioning installation nobody does it better than our team of experienced technicians. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for fifteen years, and are proudly dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. It is our pleasure to provide you with the products and services you deserve; nothing but the very best.

While you’re really only using your Air Conditioner in Southern Ontario about 3 months a year, those three months can be torturous without one. Anyone who’s AC unit has broken down in mid July can attest to this. If you’re in need of an air conditioner replacement, you’ll understand the importance of selecting it carefully, and fitting it to suit your home’s needs. An improperly selected AC unit can end u costing you oodles of money, which you simply don’t want to spend. On the other hand, a properly matched unit can save you in the long run with high-efficiency standards. For your benefit, we’ve assembled a guide to the selecting an Air Conditioner, as well as the best Air Conditioner products available on the market.

Stay tuned for a band new article on the difference between ductless and central air conditioners. Read on below for Central AC Tips from DeMarco Mechanical!